Roco  Diesel locomotive BR 232, DB AG (Sound)

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Roco 52501

Diesel locomotive BR 232, DB AG (Sound)
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Product Details:

Scale: H0-Scale
Era: V: 1994 – 2006
Road: DB
Country: Germany

Diesel locomotive series 232 of the Deutsche Bahn AG. Epoch V. Rich detailing on the model with triple-headlight and 2 red tail lights. Rich detailing on the model with triple headlight and 2 red tail lights. Engine with mass flywheel. Drive on all six axles, 2 axles with traction tyres. Interface according to NEM 652 standards for decoder adaptation. Coupler pockets according to NEM 362 standards.
Model with digitally switchable sound functions.

General data
Number of axles with traction tyres   2
Number of driven axles   6
Coupling   NEM shaft 362 without KK-kinematics
Flywheel   yes
Digital decoder    
Sound   yes
Motor   5-pole motor
Interface   Electrical interface on traction units type NEM 652 with plug-in fixture
Length over buffer   237 mm

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