Marklin  Power Pack 120V/100 VA for LGB and 1-Gauge

 -  Marklin 60195

Marklin 60195

Power Pack 120V/100 VA for LGB and 1-Gauge

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Scale: All Scales

This switched mode power pack is for connecting to and powering LGB 51079, and Märklin Central Stations 60216, 60226, 60215 and 60214, and the Boosters 60175 and 60174.

120V/100 VA.

Dimensions 190 mm x 96 mm x 65 mm / 7-1/2” x 3-3/4” x 2-9/16”. The 60195 switched mode power pack is designed for us in dry areas.

Recommended only for LGB and 1 Gauge.

Charlie's Tip: Marklin says that the cross section of the wire from the Central Station to the track must be at least 0.5 square millimeters / approximately 0.0008 square inches. What that means is that you should run at least 20 Gauge wire. Not the thin stuff we normally use for H0. But I would recommend running even thicker wire, like 18 Gauge or even 16 Gauge if the distances get longer. The thicker wire will minimize a power loss/voltage drop.


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