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Marklin  Diesel Electric Locomotive F7 Baltimore and Ohio

Marklin 37618 Diesel Electric Locomotive F7 Baltimore and Ohio
Item: Marklin 37618 - Diesel Electric Locomotive F7 Baltimore and Ohio

Scale:       Era: 

Road: US - US Railroads

Country: United States

  • Our Price: $825.94

Diesel Electric Locomotive F7 Baltimore and Ohio, A-B-B unit with Tin Plate caboose. Originally announced as A-B-A, this will now be an A-B-B unit!

Charlie's Tip: This very limited set comes complete with a special custom designed F-7 Lapel pin, that has the number of your edition engraved on the back. Series is limited to 2,000 pieces worldwide.

Prototype: Union Pacific General Motors EMD type F 7. Three-unit locomotive consisting of an A unit, B unit, and an A unit.

Model: The locomotive comes with an mfx digital decoder mfx and extensive sound functions. There is 1 motor in each A unit and a speaker in built into the B unit. Each powered unit has 2 axles powered. Traction tires. The headlights and lighted number boards will work in conventional operation and can be controlled digitally. The sound effects generator has diesel locomotive operating sounds. There is a permanent drawbar between the locomotive units. Order yours from ajckids now.

A snowplows are included for installation on the locomotives.

Length 52 cm / 20-1/2" and 12,5 cm / 5".


Sx Mobile
DCC Mobile
Station 2
Headlight(s) ·   ·   · ·
Operating sounds ·   ·   · ·
Bell ·   ·   · ·
Direct control ·   ·   · ·
Sound of squealing brakes off     ·   · ·
Low Pitch Horn     ·   · ·
Whistle for switching maneuver     ·   · ·
Letting off Air     ·   · ·
Sound of Couplers Engaging         · ·
Rail Joints         · ·
Cab Radio         · ·


  • 3-unit F 7 with a tin-plate caboose.

One-time series.

Very Limited edition of 2000 pieces





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UPC or EAN: 4001883376189 - Marklin 37618

Our Marklin and Trix products come with the full 2 year Marklin USA and Marklin Worldwide Warranty. Defective items can be returned to Marklin's Warranty department at Walthers, or directly to the factory for service. We will always do our best to assist you with issues that may arise. Full Marklin USA Warranty

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