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Marklin  Replacement 5-Pole Armature

Item: Marklin 209454 - Replacement 5-Pole Armature


  • Our Price: $19.93

Replacement armature, for Marklin 8800, 88051, 8803, 8804, 8864, 88641, 88642, 88643, 8865, 8801, 8894, 8895, 8897.

You will also need new brushes, the old 3 pole brushes will not work!

This requires complete disassembly of the motor, in order to replace your old 3-pole armature with the new 5-pole armature. We also sell replacement gears, in case you damage yours while pulling it off the axle.

The armature depicted is the old style, we now stock and sell the new style, the only difference is that the windings are slightly skewed for even better performance.

Charlie's Tip: If your newly upgraded motor does not run, disconnect the power, and rotate the axle by hand for a while. The rotations will help remove possible residue or oxidation, and help the brushes to seat more properly and allow better conductivity.

Reconnect the power and continue to rotate until you feel the motor start. A 9 volt battery can be handy during the testing.

Allow the motor to run for a while to help the seating process of the brushes.


Marklin 209454 in stock The Marklin 209454 shows to be in stock at


UPC or EAN: 4001883094540 - Marklin 209454

Our Marklin and Trix products come with the full 2 year Marklin USA and Marklin Worldwide Warranty. Defective items can be returned to Marklin's Warranty department at Walthers, or directly to the factory for service. We will always do our best to assist you with issues that may arise. Full Marklin USA Warranty

Customer Reviews

   Excellent product
By Gregg from Maryland on 6/19/2011
This armature along with the correct brushes proved to be an excellent upgrade from the old 3 pole motor. I have upgraded two loco's with improved slow speed operation and smooth quiet operation. Also, appreciate fantastic customer service!

Bottom Line: I would recommend this to a friend

   Perfect replacement
By Steven from Dayton, OH on 2/1/2013
I bought this to replace the 3 pole armature in my Marklin 8892 Steam loco. Ordinarily the entire motor should be replaced, but I managed to carefully remove the old armature from the motor and replace it and the brushes. Now my engine run fantastically.

Bottom Line: I would recommend this to a friend


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