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Fleischmann  Electric Locomotive BR 1293 (Rail Cargo Group)

Fleischmann 739375 Electric Locomotive BR 1293 (Rail Cargo Group)
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Item: Fleischmann 739375 - Electric Locomotive BR 1293 (Rail Cargo Group), New item for 2018

Scale:       Era: 

Road: OBB - Osterreichische Bundesbahnen

Country: Austria

Delivery: Expected to start 3rd Quarter
  • List Price: $311.25
  • Our Price: $271.48

*New item for 2018

This item has not yet been released
You can pre-order it now. You don't get charged until the item arrives, and we can ship it to you.

Fleischmann 739375 in stock Fleischmann 739375 no stock Fleischmann 739375 is a Fleischmann new item 2018 that is not yet produced, and is available as pre-order only.

UPC or EAN:  - Fleischmann 739375

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