Fleischmann  Electric Locomotive Rh 487 swiss rail traffi

 -  Fleischmann 738902

Fleischmann 738902

Electric Locomotive Rh 487 swiss rail traffi

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Product Details:
Scale: N-Scale
Era: 6

Electric locomotive 487 001 (class 187), swiss rail traffic.


FLEISCHMANN will initially launch the new Traxx 3 as a new design in two variants:
as Class 187 of DB AG (738901 / 738971) and as the colourful 487 001 of Swiss rail transport company “swiss rail traffic” (738902 / 738972).
The models are fitted with a five-pole motor with flywheel, a close coupler with guide
mechanism and a NEM 662 (Next18) interface. The three-light LED head end signal
changes automatically from white to red in accordance with the travelling direction.
The front-end lighting can be switched off completely or partly by means of the
contacts strips.
The factory-equipped sound generators of the DCC variants (738972) produce sounds that are faithful to the original model.

General data
Number of driven axles   4
Traction tyres   2
Coupling   NEM shaft 355 with KK-kinematics
Flywheel   yes
Interface   Electrical interface on traction units Next18
Head light   3-headlight and 2 tail lamps direction dependent
Motor   5-pole motor
LED lighting   yes
Length over buffer   118 mm

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