Fleischmann  Electric Locomotive Ae 6/6

 -  Fleischmann 737211

Fleischmann 737211

Electric Locomotive Ae 6/6

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Product Details:
Scale: N-Scale
System: DC
Era: 3
Country: Switzerland

Electric locomotive Ae 6/6 of SBB. Epoch III.

The true to the original, in green livery painted canton's locomotive has a wrong-way-light replica.

Metal die-cast chassis. Motor with flywheel. Plug-in interface according to NEM 651 standards for the adaptation of a decoder. Drive on 8 wheels. Two traction wheels. Power draw on all axles.

Triple LED headlights on each end of the locomotive that change with the direction of travel. What's new on the model ? The Swiss light changeover. Close coupler motion link on both ends of the locomotive for real close coupling operation through the PROFI coupler 9545 (Delivery status: standard couplers). Coupler pocket according to NEM 355 standards.

General data
Number of driven axles   4
Traction tyres   2
Coupling   NEM shaft 355 with KK-kinematics
Flywheel   yes
LED head light   yes
Interface   Electrical interface on traction units nach NEM 651 with plug-in fixture
Head light  
Head light   3-headlight, alternating with direction
Length over buffer   115 mm

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