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Fleischmann  Tank Locomotive BR 70.0

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Item: Fleischmann 7071 - Tank Locomotive BR 70.0

Scale:       Era: 

Road: DRG - Deutsche Reichsbahn-Gesellschaft (1929-1945)

Country: East Germany

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Super-detailling, -livery and -lettering. Inset windows. Operational Heusinger valve gear. Brake shoes between the wheels. Cast metal chassis and body. Drive on all driving wheels. Current pick-up on all wheels. Double LED-headlights at each end, co-ordinated with direction of travel. Automatic couplings at each end. Standard NEM 355 coupling socket. Epoch II.

The class 70.0 was one of the lightest, most attractive, tank engines used for passenger services. Her slim boiler and the huge distance between the forward axle and the driving wheels (4000 mm!) together with her relatively large cab were her typical trademarks. The Bayerische Staatsbahn [Bavarian State Railways] put the first locomotive of type Pt 2/3 in service back in 1909, with the last one appearing in 1916. All of the engines(type 1 B h2, with a top speed of 65 km/h) were delivered by Krauss in Munich. On nationalisation, the Deutsche Reichsbahn [German State Railways] took over the complete fleet of locos. 70 083 ist still in steam even today, tirelessly hauling the special excursion trains organised by the Bayerische Localbahn Verein [Bavarian Preservation Society].

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UPC or EAN: 4005575070713 - Fleischmann 7071

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