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Brawa  #24 Wire 3 conductor yellow/red/green

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Item: Brawa 3174 - #24 Wire 3 conductor yellow/red/green


  • Our Price: $5.99

#24 Wire 3cond yellow/red/green 16' long.

The red is connected to the magnet side that sets the turnout to the curved position, the green is connected to the magnet side that sets the turnout straight. Because it is a three wire cable, your wiring will look much nicer and more organized.



Ideal for wiring Marklin turnouts, the wires are conform the color coding of the plugs:

  • Yellow for ground/return
  • Green for setting turnout straight position (Marklin uses blue wire with green plug)
  • Red for setting turnout to curved position (Markln uses blue wire with red plug)

Brawa 3174 in stock The factory showed to have the Brawa 3174   in stock. We have not recently updated the stock level. If you prefer to check before ordering, you can send us an email and we will gladly check the availability for you.

UPC or EAN: 4012278031743 - Brawa 3174

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