Marklin  Building Kit Set for a Small Railroad Maintenance Facility

 -  Marklin 89805

Marklin 89805

Building Kit Set for a Small Railroad Maintenance Facility

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Product Details:
Scale: Z-Scale
Era: 0

 Prototype: 1 single-stall locomotive shed. 1 small water tower with 1 water stand pipe, 1 coaling crane with a coal bunker, narrow section of rail for coal carts and 3 carts, 2 KLV 4 foreman's gang cars.

Model: These are professional architectural models as kits with all of the building parts ready to assemble. The parts for the kit are laser-cut precisely from special architectural quality cardstock. The openings, cutouts, windows, doors, base, and exposed masonry are exactly positioned. The superstructures for the foreman's gang cars are constructed of metal. These models can be rolled and have built-in window glass and suggested lamps. The wheel sets are of course insulated.

The dimensions for the finished model of the locomotive shed are approximately 70 mm / 2-3/4" x 22 mm / 7/8" x 25 mm / 1" (L x W x H).

The dimensions for the finished water tower are approximately 20 mm / 3/4" x 20 mm / 3/4" x 30 mm / 1-3/16", and the height of the water stand pipe is approximately 20 mm / 3/4".

The dimensions for the finished coal bunker are 35 mm / 1-3/8" x 15 mm / 5/8" x 32 mm / 1-1/4" and the dimensions for the finished coaling crane are: base 10 mm / 3/8" x 10 mm / 3/8" x 14 mm / 9/16", length of the crane boom 19 mm / 3/4", total height from the base to the crane top 35 mm / 1-3/8".



Released in: New items brochure 2015

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