Marklin  Container Transport Car Set

 -  Marklin 47810

Marklin 47810

Container Transport Car Set
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Product Details:
Scale: H0-Scale
System: AC
Era: 6
Road: DB
Country: Germany

Container Transport Car Set

Prototype: A type Sggrss 733.2 6-axle double container transport car with articulation and two type Sgns 691 4-axle container transport cars. "Traffic Red" basic paint scheme. German Railroad, Inc. (DB AG). Transport cars loaded with 20-ft. and 40-ft. box containers as well as a 20-ft. tank container for various firms. The cars look as they did in Era VI.


  • Transport cars and containers include different car and registration numbers.
  • Transport cars and containers include weathering.
  • Ideal cars for unit container trains.
  • Containers are removable and can be stacked.

Model: The transport cars have prototypical partially open floors constructed of metal, including striking fish belly type side sills. All of the cars have type Y 25 trucks. The transport car halves of the double container transport car are articulated and rest on the center truck. The double container transport car has hinged walkover plates on the upper side of the transport car floor above the center truck in the articulation area. The restraint stanchions on the ends of the cars and the switching hooks are separately applied. The cars are loaded with removable 20-ft. and 40-ft. box containers as well as a 20-ft. tank container for various firms. The transport cars and the containers have different car and registration numbers as well as weathering.

Total length over the buffers 76.5 cm / 30-1/8".

DC wheelset E700580.

Charlie's Tip:  The class 232 diesel locomotive to go with this set is offered under item number Marklin 36433, also exclusively for the MHI.

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